I was born in Raleigh, North Carolina, United States and grew up in South Korea. I came to the United States for college.


Web Developer interested in problem solving and creative thinking. I recently decided to change my career to web programming. I was impressed by the mass effect of computer programs as it has now become an essential part of our lives.


I have traveled to twelve countries and still counting. I am adventurous and always willing to try new things



Web Application for NGO

This Ruby on Rails application was created to enable users to create campaign promoted by non-profit-organizations.
One of key components is video direct uploading to Youtube via api call.

Travel-Planner - Ruby on Rails App

Users can retrieve weather information and currency exchange rate, create travel plan and upload expense file (Openweather API, Openexchange API).

This was built with Ruby on Rails, PostgreSQL, AWS S3, JavaScript AJAX, JQuery, Bootstrap and CSS and deployed to Heroku.(user login: guest1/guest1)

Quiz Appication - Ruby on Rails App

This quiz application has users of students and instructors.
JavaScript Ajax calls were used to update student answers responsively.

Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, SASS, CSS and Bootstrap were used and deployed to Heroku.

POS system - JavaScript App

This user-friendly web application was developed to expedite billing system for restaurants.

JavaScript, JQuery, HTML and CSS were used.

Forum - Ruby with Sinatra App

This web-based forum renders the user participation visually in bar chart and the users can vote each topic or comment per their discretion.

Ruby, Sinatra, JavaScript, HTML, CSS and Chart JS were used and deployed to Heroku.

Contact Information

Please send email to: juno0628@gmail.com

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